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"Leads-to-Deeds" Pay-Per-Lead Program

Frequently Asked Questions

So this is not a pay-per-click program where I pay a fee each time my ad is clicked?

No, our Leads for Deeds Program is not a pay-per-click program, but a "Pay-Per-Lead" program. You pay one flat fee for the number of leads in your lead package. This means we pay for the clicks and you pay for the leads in your territory only. You won't pay any other fees until we deliver all the leads in your lead package. When we have delivered those leads, we will automatically renew your account via the credit card you keep on record with us.

How many leads will I receive each month?

We don't deliver leads on a monthly basis, but deliver them to you as they are generated. If your territory (county or parish) has a high population, you are more likely to have all of your leads delivered quicker than smaller, less densely populated territory.

How do I receive my leads?

You can have your leads delivered in several different ways:

  1. You can have them delivered to your email distribution list (you and whomever else you want on your email list),
  2. You can have them delivered to your cell phone via text message
  3. You can have them delivered to your PDA email address.
  4. You can login to your Super Smart Back Office and access all your leads 24/7.
  5. You can login to your Super Smart Secure Back Office and access all your leads 24/7.
  6. You can login to your Super Smart PDA Back Office and access all your leads 24/7.
  7. You can have them delivered to your account.

Where do the leads come from?

These leads come from sellers who have taken the time to visit one of our many websites or who have called and spoken to one of our live operators and completed a Seller Questionnaire (see sample questionnaires). We generate motivated seller leads through a wide variety of sources both online and off. One of the questions we ask on our Seller Questionnaire is "How did you hear about us?" This will often give you an idea of where the lead came from.

What information is included in the leads you deliver?

Our leads tend to be very thorough. Depending on the source, we capture at a minimum the seller's name, contact information (phone numbers and/or email address), address, city, state, zip and county of the property for sale, as well as the seller's situation and reason for selling. Most leads will also include the property information, mortgage information, needed repairs, asking price, low asking price and much, much more. Click here to see a few sample leads with all the questions and information we ask for.

Are the leads I receive exclusive or do you distribute them to multiple investors?

The leads from our Leads-for-Deeds Program are "exclusive" meaning that we will not be distributing them to anyone else but you. However this does not mean that the seller has not contacted anyone else about selling their home. We have no way to control whom they contact when attempting to sell their home.

The leads from our Orphan Leads Program are semi-exclusive. By "semi-exclusive" leads, we mean that the only persons who will get a copy of these leads are those who are participating in our Orphan Leads Program for a given state.

Is my territory exclusive?

The leads you receive are exclusive as noted above, but our territories in general are not necessarily exclusive. Many large metro counties are large enough to accommodate more than one investor. Because of this, we reserve the right to allow multiple people to receive exclusive leads within a non-exclusive territory based on the number of leads we generate. If you want to secure an exclusive territory, call Mike at 678-957-0220 ext #2 or open a help ticket at with the Sales Department.

What types of leads should I expect to receive?

Our online marketing system generates all sorts of motivated seller leads. These homeowners need to sell for a variety of reasons such as divorce, death of a loved one, bankruptcy, foreclosure, behind on payments, relocation, extended illness, job loss, downsizing, upsizing, too many repairs, making two house payments, etc. On our seller questionnaire, we ask why the seller is selling and you will see many reasons such as these.

Can I sign up for more than one territory?

Yes, you can and we suggest you do. You can add as many Leads for Deeds Pay-Per-Click Packages as you want for the most current package price.

Is there a long term contract to sign?

No, there is no "long term" contract to sign, but we do have a License Agreement you must agree to. You are free to cancel or terminate the agreement at any time for any reason.

How do you expect us to treat the home owners whom you refer to us?

We expect you to treat all the home owners you contact with the utmost dignity, courtesy and respect. Many of these people are going through a difficult time in their lives and are selling their home as a result. They are looking to you help them out of a difficult situation and not to make their situation worse. Please treat them as you would like to be treated if you were in their position.

We also request that you follow-up with each and every lead you receive by phone or by email to let the seller know if you are interested in purchasing their property or not. These sellers have taken the time to contact us about selling their house and we are counting on you to contact them and help them if you can.

Am I required to have or use a Super Smart Website with the Leads for Deeds and Orphan Leads Program?

Yes, if you do not already have a Super Smart Buy Site (Advance, Basic or Starter) or Save Site, you can purchase one at the time of checkout for both the Leads for Deeds or Orphan Leads Program at a deeply discounted rate.

I'm ready to get started! What do I do next?

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If you have any questions, please call Mike at 678-957-0220 ext #2 or open a help ticket at with the Sales Department.

*A Super Smart Buy (Starter/Basic or Advanced) or Save Site is required for participation in the Leads for Deeds and Orphan Leads Program.

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