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Print this page Seller Lead from sent on Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 9:06 PM.
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Contact Information  
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The Situation
Need to sell your house fast? Yes 
What's the situation? Why Selling? House has been vacant for 6 months now and we just want to sell. 
How soon do you need to move? asap 
What type of lead is this?  
What is the priority level of this lead? Unknown 
Property Information
san antonio , TX 78227
Bexar County
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Beds  Floors 
Baths  Garage  None 
SqFt  1459  Basement  None 
Yr Built  1961  Lot Size 
Length of ownership? 2yrs 
What's property's condition? Excellent 
What kind of repairs are needed? NONE 
Estimated cost of repairs $0 
Who is currently living in the house? No - Unoccupied 
Listed with a Realtor? No 
     If yes, how long has your house been for sale? 6mon 
     Listing expires
     Previously listed? Yes
Financial Information
Asking Price $90500 
Asking Price Determined Comparables 
    1st Mortgage   2nd Mortgage   3rd Mortgage
Balance $77000    
Payment $600    
Interest Rate 6.5% Fixed     
Payments Current? Yes
If No, how far behind?      
Annual property taxes? $2300
PITI included? No
Homeowner/Condo Association Dues? 0
Estimated appraisal value? $82000
Willing to sell for amount owed? No
Willing to receive your equity in payments? Undecided
Willing to allow takeover of mortgage payments? Undecided
Low price for cash offer? $85000
How did you hear about us? internet
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